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Spring data Mongo - Search inside array

Java 8 - Avoid null pointer exception on object calls

Optional.ofNullable().orElse(new ())).toString();

for example:

Java 8 - Avoid null pointer exception while calling a null list, set or array of objects

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
ofNullable(category).orElse(new LinkedList<>()).forEach(a->sb.append(a.toString()));

Spring data mongodb - remove element from array

Remove an element from inside an array.

Spring - Asynchronous longpooling rest controller via "callable"

Implementation of an controller with asyncronous processing. This is a good solution for whenever a long pooling is needed.

Though the controller seams to return imidiatelly the caller connection will still remain opened untl the results are returned. That is, this solution is not an answer to an "fire-and-forget" controller