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Terraform, AWS - aws Instance Profile already exists error

Problem"aws Instance Profile already exists error"

$ terraform --version
Terraform v0.9.8
Solution This is a know issue with terraform, see: , read:
brikis98 commented on 4 Nov 2015

Update: it turns out that instance profiles don't show up in the AWS console. Well, they do, but only attached to a role. If you delete the role, but not the policy, then there is no longer a way to see the policy in the console.

Therefore, instead of using the console, you can use the AWS CLI to see all the instance profiles:

aws iam list-instance-profiles

With that command, I found the old, conflicting profiles, so the terraform error message was correct. Instructions for Ubuntu:
Install aws-cli$ sudo apt install python-pip$ pip install awscliUpdate pip$ pip install --upgrade pipConfigure aws-cli$ aws configureDelete the instance profile$ aws iam delete-instance-profile --instance-profile-name <instance_profile_name>

cannot locate the core snap: No such file or directory

Problem cannot locate the core snap: No such file or directory
Solution$ snap listCheck for packages with "Notes" as broken$ snap remove <broken_package>$ sudo snap install <broken_package> Note: <broken_package> equals to "core" in this particular case.

Scala - cannot resolve symbol "toList"

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